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Trying to sketch everyday

I don’t always achieve it but I do try to do a watercolour sketch everyday. This was painted late one night last week in my Moleskin watercolour journal. The paper is inferior compared to Arches but it forces me to experiment which I like. The great thing about sketches is that you can be free to play around, no pressure compared to an exhibition piece.

Click the image below for a larger image.

Moleskin sketch by David Meldrum
Moleskin sketch


By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

4 replies on “Trying to sketch everyday”

Very dynamic!
Excess Splash, Pollock Syndrome?
I prefer Gerhard Richter – (I was in London 2017.05.25 – Tate Art Modern Gallery-room 11)

Thank you Victor! I am pleased you like my watercolour sketch.
I like Pollock more than Richter 🙂 Some artists that influence me are as follows: Chien Chung-Wei, Nathan Ford, Chris Robinson, Alex Kanevsky and for skies I’m very inspired and learning from Sergey Temerev at the moment.
All the best,

Fresh, expresive, good use of whites, sea color is powerful and rich, fantastic as you always do.

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