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I used to be an Art Director in Advertising

This commercial is probably the most popular I ever created. It was produced in 1998 while I was employed at Leo Burnett in Stockholm. My writer then was Pär Axelson and the brave Marketing Director at Hyundai was Fredrik Tottie. The commercial wasn’t always popular, the car sales people were up in arms, “we don’t sell gay cars!” they said. We had filmed an alternative ending of a cute girl with the husband instead of the Toyboy and we were indeed forced to air this version after a week. But public opinion wasn’t having any of it, they wanted the Toyboy back. I informed Hyundai that the husband in the commercial was now bisexual anyway thanks to being shown with both a Toygirl and Toyboy, so why not go back to the Toyboy version as it was much fresher and therefore a hell of a lot funnier. Hyundai sales reached an all time high in Sweden that year. 🙂

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Takayashi Yoshinari’s moleskine notebook

I thought this was I nice idea. Personally the content of my own moleskins are total mayhem, I write, I doodle, I cross things out, I hate some pages and I’m embarrassed by others. I don’t know if I’d ever want to create a perfect sketchbook, it wouldn’t feel like a personal sketchbook would it? Still, I enjoy it when others do it!


I’m not the fastest blogger on the planet!

My last entry was three years ago! To be honest, I’m amazed that I still have this blog address after not using it all until now. Remembering my login and password was a bit of a challange to say the least.
Why blog now? Well, I guess I want to reach out a little, interact with new people and catch up with old friends. I also want to express myself creatively so I thought, why not publish my doodles, graphics and photography etc.

Step one will be to buy a scanner…


Hi, this my first attempt at blogging! Come back later when I’ve got the hang of this!