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Audrey Kawasaki
Audrey Kawasaki’s work is both Manga and Art Nouveau inspired, her technical skills are top-class. I find the work both erotic and innocent, the fact that a lot of the paintings are directly on wood add a lot of warmth to the compositions.

Audrey updates her online journal frequently with new work, pieces in progress, information about shows and more. Click here to visit Aud’s Journal

Some of Aud’s other links:
other blog
tumblr likes

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The Art of István Sándorfi

István Sándorfi (In France Étienne Sandorfi, born 12 June 1948 in Budapest, Hungary, died 26 December 2007 in Paris, France) was a Hungarian hyperrealist painter.

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More Kroki / life drawing classes in Stockholm.
Mäster Olofsgården

I was pleased to learn that it is possible to do Life Drawing (Kroki) on Monday evening and well as Wednesday afternoon in The Old Town (Gamla Stan), here in Stockholm.

Information in Swedish: Vi erbjuder öppen kroki måndag kl. 19:00-21:15 och onsdag 13:30-15:45 i Stora Salen. Ingen föranmälan behövs. Kostnad 60 kronor per gång.
Contact info:

Besöksadress: Svartmangatan 6, Gamla stan | Postadress: 103 11 Stockholm
Tel: 08-10 20 19 (vx) | Fax: 08-24 76 16 | E-post:

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Adam Hughes home page

Adam Hughes:

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Anthony J. Ryder

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Parka81’s photostream on Flickr

Parka81’s photostream

An amazing collection of illustration books which include ‘How to* books and much, much more.

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Food for thought with Mark Ryden

I really like Mark Ryden’s work, I see his paintings as a modern interpretation of the old fairy tradition. Children that are taken away by the fairies or the young fairies carrying out acts against the evil people of this world. Otherwise, I just like the way Mark sees the world, it’s a pretty strange place from his perspective.

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Illustrating in Photoshop

I like Radiohead so it was a pleasure to watch this illustration of Thom Yorke in Photoshop. The video is speeded up which helps the viewing experience.

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FFFFOUND! A good site to browse images and get inspired.