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More Kroki / life drawing classes in Stockholm.
Mäster Olofsgården

I was pleased to learn that it is possible to do Life Drawing (Kroki) on Monday evening and well as Wednesday afternoon in The Old Town (Gamla Stan), here in Stockholm.

Information in Swedish: Vi erbjuder öppen kroki måndag kl. 19:00-21:15 och onsdag 13:30-15:45 i Stora Salen. Ingen föranmälan behövs. Kostnad 60 kronor per gång.
Contact info:

Besöksadress: Svartmangatan 6, Gamla stan | Postadress: 103 11 Stockholm
Tel: 08-10 20 19 (vx) | Fax: 08-24 76 16 | E-post:

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

2 replies on “More Kroki / life drawing classes in Stockholm.”

hej. i want to ask if the classes are given in english,and what ege are the students that atend them.
im interested in art classes, but i would like to take them with people my age. im 30

best regards. daniel indrei

Hi Dani,
I have a list of Life drawing venues on the right hand side of this blog. Only one offers a full-time course of learning to draw and paint models, it is called the Swedish Academy of Realist Art. The School is international and everyone speaks English there. The other life drawing places are more like two hour drop in venues, some offer guidance in Swedish but it is very limited. I hope this information was of help.

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