Son of a hooligan

Is he cute or is he unlovable like his dad?

Is it possible to love a hooligan?

I drew this skinhead while not focusing too hard at work. It got me a thinking, can you love a hooligan? No, probably not but what about their kids, are they cute and loveable?

A doodle from last week.

The thing about mindless doodles is that they are totally mindless. I have no idea why I drew this guy on a skateboard!

Another Plus minus dude, this time in my blue period.

Plus minus dude

He doesn’t know what to think, should he be happy or sad? This is the question he will probably never get an answer to.

Funny what goes through ones head in a long meeting

I’m learning cross hatching techniques right now…

I did a search on google for “cross hatch” and found this site. I like the way his lines follow the soft forms of the females body. I am going to use the technique and see what result it gives when I start drawing nudes again after the summer break.

Blind on their mobiles

I have a mini fold-up cycle called a Strida that I wheel through the underground/subway each day. Its amazing how blind people are when they are talking to someone on the phone, I am aware that I can hurt commuters with my bike but are they aware that I just missed putting a tyre track up their leg!

This is really cool, very weird but really cool.:)