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My second workshop

Painting completed 2019.05.29

I didn’t have many attending my workshop at the weekend, in fact I only had one but I was okay with that for a number of reasons. The main reason being that I never really advertised the event as I was not well for a long period of time beforehand.
So I had one great student and I think he went home happy with what he had learned that day. I also learned at lot, it was only my second workshop after all. The main thing I learned was that I have to offer simpler topics for my students to work on. Something that I find stimulating is most likely too advanced for students who are just learning about the beauty of watercolour.
The watercolour you see here was my demonstration painting, the last 10% I finished at home in the studio, the small details and textures etc. I am rather pleased with it considering I was demonstrating, there is a little more pressure when one has an audience.

Walking on St Eriksgatan
Walking on St Eriksgatan
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By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

10 replies on “My second workshop”

Thanks a lot, David!
I did really appreciate the advantage of being your only student in the workshop last Saturday. It was marvelous to have a private tutor and coach. I got an exclusive attention and learned a lot. It was very inspirational. I had many questions around technical issues and I got very good answers and advice. I do realise practice is crucial. And I need to do a lot more “washing” on my own. It’s a long long way to 10.000 h.

Hello H-Å,
Sorry for this late reply, I am currently in Northern Ireland helping my mother fixing and tidying around the house for a week.
I am glad you enjoyed yourself. I thought the workshop we had was a great success, personally I learned a lot and I look forward to having more workshops after the summer break.
Have a great summer and see you again at Meldrum Kroki in September.

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