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A5 sketches

meldrum life drawing

We had another great model at Meldrum Kroki last Thursday. Mollie is new to modelling but I thought her approach was very professional. I sketched on an A5 spiral-bound block. I often have to sketch standing with the use of no table or easel. I am the organiser of the event so I don’t get the best view or position to draw. I really don’t mind, I am really enjoying running my own life drawing session, fixing coffee, chatting and getting to know my life drawing friends a little more every time we meet.


2 thoughts on “A5 sketches

  1. Don´t tell me you did it in five minutes, please it could be too much to me. Fantastic all of them.

    1. Well, I can’t remember so I won’t be upsetting you. 🙂

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