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The City of London Sketch

I am currently at a web conference here in London. It’s cold and wet, but I guess that’s the way if should be. Anyway, I managed to squeeze in this watercolour sketch during the lunch break.

Chiswell Street, London

4 thoughts on “The City of London Sketch

  1. nice sketch of a beatiful building. It´s incredible the way you find time to paint,no matter where or when.

  2. Love the colors – and the sense of a very wet day!

  3. @setxu: Thanks, to be honest, I feel frustrated; I want to sketch and paint but life keeps getting in the way. I look forward to the summer months when everything is more relaxed. At the moment, when I get a chance, I do a quick little sketch and dream of future tranquil days.

  4. @Adrianne: Thank you. It was a wet day, it rained all the time. London grey, all that was missing was the fog. Still, I had a great time, lots of inspiration.

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