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Lunch Sketch #8

I guess I have been influenced by the current Kony-2012 campaign, I chose to draw this child soldier from the Congo, it was a little difficult, I’m trying to run before I’ve learned to walk, why didn’t I chose some flowers in a vase instead. Still, I have learned a lot from this little exercise – mainly that I need to be looser in my painting style, use less colour and to scrub less.

Congolese Child Soldier by David Meldrum

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

2 replies on “Lunch Sketch #8”

Reminds me of something one of the teacher-students told me the other day: "it's about putting paint on the canvas, not removing it" 🙂
I like to rub it off after applying…
– Clod –

I was making a right mess again at my life drawing class tonight, it looks so damn simple on YouTube ( Check out Charles Reid, watercolour master type ). Anyway, I just used the three primary colours today and made a brightly coloured scary picture. I might publish it, then again, might not – is it illegal to scare people on the internet? I'm ashamed but I've forgotten your blog address, could you send it pleeeeeeeze. Thanks

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