David Meldrum reflection Water Watercolour

Lunchtime Reflection

Painted during two lunch breaks last week. I am focused on improving my water impressions. One would think it’s easy because I’m working with watercolour, – not!

Reflection, Arches gf 300 g/m2 27 x 26 cm

Sketch Water Watercolour Watercolouring

Forgotten watercolour sketches

I forgot about these watercolour sketches I did while on holidays in Brittany last month. There is something about boats that I am drawn too, I grew up by the sea and have sailed since the age of ten so it is not so strange I guess.

A watercolour sketch of an old trawler by David Meldrum
Trawler watercolour sketch
A watercolour sketch of a green old trawler by David Meldrum
Green Trawler  watercolour sketch