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Lunch Sketch

A bird feeder  sketch by David Meldrum
Bird Feeder Sketch

I was working from home today so I was able to sketch the birds outside the kitchen window during my lunch break.

Illustrated with my Hero 86 calligraphy pen.

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Another Hero arrives through the door.

I ordered it from HongKong a month ago, I thought maybe it would never show up, but it did and this makes me so happy – little kid, happy! Grow up but don’t grow old, as they say.

Hopefully this pen leaks less than my other Hero. It can be purchased on eBay, it’s called a Hero 593 calligraphy pen. My first Pen from China is called a Hero 86 calligraphy pen by the way, I’m am very happy with it even if it is a bit leaky.

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Less of a Hero

I was going to sketch today while I waited for a train at the station but then the honeymoon period between my pen and I came to an abrupt end. I still love drawing with it, I’ll have to try filling it to a third and see what happens.

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My Hero arrived!

Yes, my Hero Calligraphy pen arrived today from China. I’m really looking forward to trying it out later, I will post the results, the prospect of using a bent-nib will be a wonderful creative challenge. Hopefully not too challenging!