Life Drawing – painting fast watercolours

5 minute nude
5 minute nude

Since I came back to Stockholm after the summer break I have been making sure I go to life drawing classes at least once a week. As I have mentioned before it is so important to sketch regularly, everyday if possible. Life drawing is a wonderful way to practice drawing from real life, I also like to push myself and paint. These sketches are either 2 or 5 minute, not much time to think so everything has to be instinctive, you can only achieve this through hours of practice.

I use a plastic airlines plate with a watercolour cup stuck in the middle of it with Super Glue, I have Sepia tube colour in the cup. Choosing which watercolour to use is made easy this way, I have only the one choice.

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By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.


  1. Superbe desene acuarelate, drum sigur catre perfectionism.
    Superb watercolor drawings, a sure path to perfectionism. I appreciate!
    Fantastiska akvarellritningar, en säker väg till perfektionism. Jag uppskattar!

    Cu drag,
    arh. Victor MODORAN
    București – România-Europa

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