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My exhibition – a small success

I am happy with my exhibition so far. The opening day is when one sells the most, like my first exhibition in April it was mostly friends who bought and I am so happy they did. Next year the challenge will be to sell to strangers outside of my circle, I have a summer show that will be a true test as I am not the organiser of the event. I’ve started painting for that exhibition already as I have lots of free time right now at my current exhibition.


By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

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I´m sure it´s going to be a success. And I would like been there, if I were you I would be say good bye to most of your work. GOOD LUCK.

Thank you sextu! I’ve been busy for a number of weeks now and with Christmas fast approaching I guess I’ll be stressing around like everybody else for a while yet. I’m working this week and next so my art is limited. I have some life drawing to post when I get a chance and I have a lot of watercolours that i haven’t published. Will try to catch up after Christmas.

Grattis!!! Kul att det gick bra. Jag kollar dina bilder på bloggen emellanåt, och gillar framför allt dina krokier…. Kanske för att jag själv tecknar en del kroki och vet hur svårt det är.

Hej Martin,
Roligt att du tycker om mina krokiteckningar. Jag har en hel del teckningar att publicera, jag hoppas att jag kan slänga ut dem snart.

God jul!

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