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The morning painting

This week I have introduced a tough working schedule to my artist week. I’ve been frustrated that I am just not producing enough work. Unfortunately my plans burst after only one day as I became ill, I’m incredibly sensitive to what I eat , it was either broccoli or balsamic vinegar that did it. My body can’t cope with many types of sugars since I passed midlife.

Anyway, the plan is for me to follow a ridget schedule and it worked yesterday so I’m really happy about that. In the morning I spent two hours on a commission and then anther two hours on this painting that is featured here. It’s the ferry called Norrskär that has been in service since 1910.

2 thoughts on “The morning painting

  1. Fantastic, the only disturbing spot is the orange in the background, but the rest is wonderful as always.

    1. Thanks setxu! … but I kinda like the fact that the pigment has blurred and not remained within the lines of my original drawing. Otherwise, I think the composition would have benefited from a few more elements in the picture.

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