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Wednesday’s life drawing

Venue: Mäster Olofsgården, Old town, Stockholm 20151111

I’m a few days late with publishing these sketches. I’ve been unwell but feeling better now. This life drawing session was difficult. The model was very uninspiring, she had no energy in her poses what so ever. I knew I had to get professional about it and try and find something positive. In the end I did find a way to do better sketches of her – I lied, I exaggerated the poses and added curves that didn’t exist. It’s cheating in some ways but I know the great artists do it all the time.

Ten minute pose

Two minute pose

Ten minute pose

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

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By watching the results it´s difficult to belive that the model was not good . I´m sure you´ve made some changes but, who knows? Your sketches as usual fantastic, fresh ,spontaneous, plenty of curves and movement.Congratulations.I´m glad you´ve recovered from bad moment. Thanks for keep on sharing your work.

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