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Sketches from my sailing holiday in Greece.

Greece, a beautiful place with lovely people. Shame about the trouble it is in. I hope it gets better for them real soon. I spent a week sailing between Corfu and mainland Greece. I had a wonderful time.

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

2 replies on “Sketches from my sailing holiday in Greece.”

Fantastic sketches of a very wonderful country, that don´t deserve been treated this way. A real shame for spanish people (politics), for mediterranean people, for european countries and goverments, and even more shame on german politics, they are again pushing the boundaries and all of us can remember what happened before.

I just hope that all evolved can find a solution. Many of my Irish friends have suffered since the financial crash in 2008. Personally, I think capitalism isn't working, it's time for the world to move in a different direction.

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