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Frustration and enlightenment

Venue: The Academy of Realistic Art, Bergshamra, 20130228

I can sketch a nude quickly, paint them at speed also. My challenge right now is to slow down and start painting instead of sketching. It is hard, very hard to continue having a loose expressive style when one has a whole two hours to capture a pose. I tense up, every line I draw becomes stiff, I revert to how I drew two years ago. When I came home and showed my wife my effort she immediately said it felt restrained, she was right. Frustrated, I decided to add thick lines around the model to exaggerate the stiffness even more, I created a Mucha, some Art Nouveau. After much thought of where I want to go,in which direction, I realise that I relate to artists like watercolourists, Charles Reid and Ted Nuttall. Other painters I currently find inspiring are; Sandra Flood for here compostition skills, Mark Demsteader for his grungy portraits, Sebastian Kruger for his ability to capture a character and Kent Williams for his loose style. I am basically seeking to develop a loose, grungy style, I just have to keep reminding myself of this.

(Thank you Martin for introducing me to Mr. Williams)

Nude by David Meldrum
I made a Mucha of it!