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Watercolours from my trip home from Ireland

I had an 11 hour journey home to Stockholm from Bangor, Northern Ireland so it was important to have something do. Luckily I had a good book (The Book Thief) and my watercolour sketching kit with me.

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3 thoughts on “Watercolours from my trip home from Ireland

  1. Long journeys sometimes sound tiring but in reality are great opportunities for thinking, reading and drawing. Very nice work David!

    1. Hi David, apologies I just realised I was not logged in when I left the previous comment! Great drawings 🙂

      1. Hi Iasonas,
        Yes, I forget to login sometimes too and it’s annoying. I wish people didn’t have to login at all. I find that unnecessary. Thank you for liking my sketches and I agree, travel is good for having moments to think about future plans.

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