A watercolour at last

Woman looking out on winter archipelago
Quiet in the archipelago during winter 29 x 23 cm

I haven’t published my watercolours for a while and my gallery site is 6 months without being updated. It’s time for me to get my act together. Here is a painting that I completed yesterday.  More will be published soon.
The painting is titled, “It’s quiet in the archipelago during the winter”. 29 x 23 cm

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.


  1. Fantastic, the texture in foreground is incredible, the softness in background wonderful, color palette a hit in the mark,and the figure a extremely good one. As you always do a deligth to enjoy.

    1. Thank you setxu! This painting actually started off as an experiment on the back of another watercolour that had gone wrong. I played with it, a lot of wet on wet. The foreground was painted at a later date, I didn’t know what to paint initially but it had to be quite dark to create depth. I’m happy with the result.

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