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What’s up?

I’m not blogging as much as I’d like to right now. I am going through a rather intensive watercolouring period. I really want to improve and so all focus is centred on painting.
My two week period as an artist has come to and end and so tomorrow I am a web designer again. I am lucky, I have a job that I enjoy but I know after a few days I will be looking forward to my artist period again.
I have my first solo exhibition on the 23rd April 2016. I guess this is the main reason why I am not blogging as often. Nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. 😉

2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. You can´t imagine how much I would like going to your exhibition, this is a very good notice, a solo one, you deserve it. I forgive you for not blogging, because you´ve got a good, a very good reason,for not doing.I know I wan´t be able to go so please coment on the blog your success. My best willings for you, and please keep on painting till exhibition.Best wishses.

  2. Thank you setxu for your amazing support! 🙂

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