David Meldrum figure drawing My Life Drawing

Saturday’s life drawing

Venue: Basis, Stockholm. 20151107

So much life drawing this week, I must admit I am really enjoying it. I looked at an old sketch book from 2009 and was shocked to see how bad I was back then. So all this life drawing isn’t in vain. Sometimes it’s good to look backwards, …. but only for a short moment – one doesn’t want to get stuck there.

Five minute pose on A3 paper

Five minute pose on A3 paper

Ten minute pose on A3 paper

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

2 replies on “Saturday’s life drawing”

I´m sure you won´t stuck anywhere, you are improving day by day, I don´t need look back to see your evolution. Your work is always getting better.

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