The view from Carlingford

Watercolour of Carlingford, Ireland.
Carlingford, Ireland.

Carlingford, Ireland. The view of the north shore, Northern Ireland.
50 x 32,5 cm Arches rough 300g

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

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Fantastic watercolors, transparent, direct,fresh, all that a watercolor must be. Sorry I´m not forgetting your work, I´ve been on holliday at Porto in Portugal, wonderful place for painting and living but couldn´t find time to watercoloring as you usually do in your hollidays. If one of thesdays I have time and I´m the mood, I´ll try to paint to return your fantastic present.

Hello setxu!
Sorry I haven't been in touch.

I've been to Lisbon but not Porto, I'd love to visit someday. Sounds like you had a good holiday there. I have just come back from two weeks sailing in the Stockholm archipelago. I sketched and painted most days. On a god day I would paint for 6 hour, when we were sailing I took lots of photos for reference. I am certainly enjoying the freedom of only working 50%. I have less money right now but what does that matter when one is happy being an artist 🙂

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