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Self-publishing revolution

I have just read an article in the Guardian and found it very inspirational.
I, like millions of others out there have the ambition to write a novel and get it published. The first problem one encounters of course is the fact the one has not actually started writing anything, never mind completing the damn thing.
The second problem is getting the work published. Publishing houses have not made it easy for new talent to get their first break in the business, the music industry was also like this too not so very long ago but with the appearance of ‘My Space’ bands like the Arctic Monkeys found success without the help of big-old-record labels. Then came iTunes and the once powerful record companies are now in decline. This revolution has now spread to publishing, Kindle Direct Publishing being the most well known example today.

So if you do finally write that book, at least it is not so hard to publish your labour of love anymore thanks to the advent of the self-publishing revolution. If you want to publish your book and are tired of all those rejection letters from the publishers, read this article from the Guardian: “Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online“.

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