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Going soft at Central Station

If one cares to look at my drawings from a few years back one can see I used outlines as a rule. I think when one is unsure one uses an outline as a form of familiar security, like filling in the dots, a, b and c. I’ve been trying to break away from this for ages, it’s not easy when one has used it for a life time. That’s why I like watercolour so much, it does not like to stay within the any lines I put down. This morning I focused on tone and not line, I realize that if I’m ever going to be a good painter I’ll have to master tone and composition, both of which I’m studying at the moment.

Sketches from Central Station by David Meldrum
Central Station

Sketches from Central Station by David Meldrum
Reading the sign

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

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For the first time I cant agree with you , line is important, have a look at Egon schiele works, Iḿ sure youll change your mind. By the way yours sketches are fantastic, you master all you touch.

I'm not turning my back on outlines forever, I just want to learn how to draw and paint without them so that I have a broader registrar to pull from when expressing myself. Turner is a good example; I like his oils and watercolours. I love Egon Schiele's art too, he is one of my heroes, in fact, I have a copy of, "Drawings and watercolors by Jane Kallir" beside my bed. 🙂

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