Kristina Laurendi Havens

I stumbled over this fine figure artist today, Kristina Laurendi Havens uses very bright pastels which is nice.

Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing (Techniques and Tips)

This guy is seriously gifted, he is from San Francisco. Here is a review of his book, Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing (Techniques and Tips)

Visit his web site here: Henry Yan

Parka81’s photostream on Flickr

Parka81’s photostream

An amazing collection of illustration books which include ‘How to* books and much, much more.

Arthur Adams

Arthur Adams official gallery and art sales website

More Mucha

Alfons Mucha

Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) was a prolific Moravian painter of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and a key figure in the Art Nouveau movement.

Mattias Adolfsson: Moleskine sketchbook 19

This is one of my favorite blogs, check out Mattias brilliant sketchbooks here.

Hazmat Modine – Child of a Blind Man

Adam Hughes: Good Girl Art

Here is a collection of Adam Hughes art.

Update of original post, 20130124.

If you would like to draw like Adam visit Amazon by following this link.  Adam Hughes – Video Art Lessons “Drawing Good Girls” DVD 
Sadly only Americans can buy it, the rest of us can only hope some international supplier will stock it in the future. If anyone finds this DVD somewhere else other than, Jerry’s Artarama Art Supplies, please let me know.