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The Daily Monster

This guy is very creative with a blob of ink. He sits up all night and draws monsters, somebody has got to do it! Daily Monster

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More Reilly

Chris Legaspi’s site is also a good place to visit:

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The Reilly method

I found it hard to find information about the artist Frank Reilly and his art techniques. This was the best starting page that I dug up. Frank Reilly

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What is the point of this blog?

If you look down the page a little you will notice that I have not updated this blog for two years! I ask myself, “Why keep it?” and after a moment of silence I came up with an idea to make this place more interesting, for me and anyone who digs what I like – if any.
Due to security at work I am only allowed to use IE9 to browse, privately I haven’t forgiven Microsoft for IE7 so I need somewhere to store my bookmarks (virtual bookmarks are no use). So welcome to my bookmarks! This is where I store interesting links for my own use but if you like them – abuse them. Happy surfing…

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Dr. Sketchy: Is life-drawing more fun with clothes on?

I’ve been going to Dr. Sketchy evenings for a while now and I find it a lot of fun. Check it out and visit the Swedish site here.
Or visit the international site here.
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Sabastian Kruger does a real good caricature

Sebastian Kruger
Damn, this guy can draw, maybe if I practice and practice I can be 10% as good as him.

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Eye bat

I developed the below eye bat illustration by importing it into Adobe Illustrator and using my Wacom board to draw over the original drawing. It was my first attempt at this so I’m pretty happy.

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Google search text!

David Meldrum, Web Designer, Art Director, art, design, figure drawing, life drawing, illustrations, cartoons, doodles, web design, photography, art direction, graphic design, photoshop, writing and all creativity in the whole wide world, yeap,I think that covers it!

…this is to try and improve my “find me” result on Google etc….

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Work doodle #4

I think I was inspired by Zap comix when I doodled this. Ive forgotten the name of the original artist unfortunately.