Meldrum buys a flatbed scanner…

I promised to get myself a scanner so that I can upload some of my sketches onto the blog. I bought one on for 300 sek, ( 20 Sterling ) the other week, a pretty good price I thought.

The above nude drawing was my first since art school back in 1982. I started figure drawing here in Stockholm at the French Church four weeks ago. I’m really enjoying sketching again, I’m very stiff and it going to take me a while to loosen up my drawing. I need to get my eye in but hey, it’s a start!

Illustrating in Photoshop

I like Radiohead so it was a pleasure to watch this illustration of Thom Yorke in Photoshop. The video is speeded up which helps the viewing experience.

Urban terrorism, bubble attack!

I was on the way home yesterday and I saw this and it made me smile. The world is such a fun place when the natives get a little restless and do something creative.


FFFFOUND! A good site to browse images and get inspired.

A good Flash blog

I have lots of creative ambitions but during the day when I’m not day-dreaming I produce banners and micro-sites in Flash. I have promised myself to publish examples of what I do as soon as possible but right now I have more important things to deal with in my spare time, for example my VW beetle is broken down by the side of the road and desperately needs my attention. I could rant on here about how hard it is to tinker with a modern car but I won’t.
Anyway a good Flash blog to visit is: and it’s run by Lee Brimelow.

High-speed photography by Alan Sailer

I found this at the Telegraph also…

The Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2008

Check it out, some interesting images.

I used to be an Art Director in Advertising

This commercial is probably the most popular I ever created. It was produced in 1998 while I was employed at Leo Burnett in Stockholm. My writer then was Pär Axelson and the brave Marketing Director at Hyundai was Fredrik Tottie. The commercial wasn’t always popular, the car sales people were up in arms, “we don’t sell gay cars!” they said. We had filmed an alternative ending of a cute girl with the husband instead of the Toyboy and we were indeed forced to air this version after a week. But public opinion wasn’t having any of it, they wanted the Toyboy back. I informed Hyundai that the husband in the commercial was now bisexual anyway thanks to being shown with both a Toygirl and Toyboy, so why not go back to the Toyboy version as it was much fresher and therefore a hell of a lot funnier. Hyundai sales reached an all time high in Sweden that year. 🙂

Takayashi Yoshinari’s moleskine notebook

I thought this was I nice idea. Personally the content of my own moleskins are total mayhem, I write, I doodle, I cross things out, I hate some pages and I’m embarrassed by others. I don’t know if I’d ever want to create a perfect sketchbook, it wouldn’t feel like a personal sketchbook would it? Still, I enjoy it when others do it!