Week three at the figure drawing evening

This is the same woman as last the week before.

Blue lady

My blue period, which lasted about 5 minutes

Lazy nude

The drawing sessions are never longer than ten minutes, this one was a two minute one…

The second evening at the French Church

A five minute sketch from my first figure drawing evening

Meldrum buys a flatbed scanner…

I promised to get myself a scanner so that I can upload some of my sketches onto the blog. I bought one on blocket.se for 300 sek, ( 20 Sterling ) the other week, a pretty good price I thought.

The above nude drawing was my first since art school back in 1982. I started figure drawing here in Stockholm at the French Church four weeks ago. I’m really enjoying sketching again, I’m very stiff and it going to take me a while to loosen up my drawing. I need to get my eye in but hey, it’s a start!

Illustrating in Photoshop

I like Radiohead so it was a pleasure to watch this illustration of Thom Yorke in Photoshop. The video is speeded up which helps the viewing experience.