Ted Nuttall – Watercolourist


Ted Nuttall seems to live in a sunny warm climate, at least his paintings radiate sunshine and warmt, lucky him.

Here is Ted doing a demonstration of his technique: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KYcWDgy38M

Craig Young Palette

Charles Reid paints with a Craig Young Palette

At some stage in the future I’d like to own one of these handmade paintboxes by Craig Young. It will set me back £225 pounds though! Two Artists I admire, Alvaro Castagnet and Charles Reid use them, the deep wells look extremly useful.

Watercolouring at speed!

I spent another evening yesterday life drawing with watercolours, it’s a real challenge both drawing and painting the model in such a short time-span. It was tonnes of fun though! Click the image to see more or click here.

5 minute watercolour sketch by David Meldrum

Influenced by Charles Reid

Drawing a model in one minute and then painting her by two. It’s fun trying to do the impossible!
I had great fun yesterday painting with primary colours at my life drawing class, I like the fact they are so cheerful, I’ll create more of these Charles Reid influenced sketches, absolutely. Click the image below to see more or click here.

10 minute watercolour sketch by David Meldrum
10 minute watercolour sketch by David Meldrum

Charles Reid paints with primary colours

I tried this technique last night at my life drawing class, after two hours I created a colourful but scary result. Charles has been doing it a while, I guess I can’t expect to emulate his style on the first attempt!

Lunch Sketch #8

I guess I have been influenced by the current Kony-2012 campaign, I chose to draw this child soldier from the Congo, it was a little difficult, I’m trying to run before I’ve learned to walk, why didn’t I chose some flowers in a vase instead. Still, I have learned a lot from this little exercise – mainly that I need to be looser in my painting style, use less colour and to scrub less.

Congolese Child Soldier by David Meldrum

A forgotten watercolour

I found this watercolour sketch today, under a pile of old invoices and receipts. I painted it on A4 office paper, hence the wrinkles …

Improve Your Buildings in Watercolour with Geoff Kersey

This Geoff Kersey tutorial is very good, I’ve only looked at 2 parts so far, I’m hooked!

Tuesday’s life Drawing session

It is hard speed-sketching with watercolours – but it’s fun!

10 minute watercolour sketch by David Meldrum

5 minute artifical charcoal sketch by David Meldrum