Life drawing season returns

Yesterday, I went to my first Life Drawing evening since the summer break, I tried out some new techniques I had been studying, if it were a cake it would not have raised, but it was fun trying and that’s the whole point, isn’t it! 😉 Visit “My Life Drawing 2012” if you would like to see more.

Nude by David Meldrum
Koi colours

Sailing to Elba, Italy

More drawings can be seen on the “My Urban Sketches” page.

Sailing along the Italian coast

Espresso time by David Meldrum
Espresso time 

More sketches from my sailing trip to Italy coming soon…

Sketching becomes easier with time

When I started sketching it was really hard to let go, to work fast and not be afraid to make mistakes. The more and more I sketch the easier it becomes. Now my drawings are full of mistakes, wobbly lines and smudges! 🙂

Take-away by David Meldrum
Take-away at Medborgplatsen
Cello practice
Cello practice

Three panoramic sketches from my sailing adventures.

Sketch of Karlby by David Meldrum
Sketched in the sleepy harbour of Karlby, on the island of Kökar in the Åland archipelago.
Sketch of Arholma by David Meldrum
The view from my boat on the island of Arholma which is situated in the northern Stockholm archipelago. 
Sketch of Arholma by David Meldrum
Boat house containing a very old livestock transport boat. Cows are moved out to the islands in the archipelago during the the summer months. This was sketched on the island of Arholma in the northern Stockholm archipelago. 

What did we do before Smart-Phones?

A sketch of a man with his Smart-Phone by David Meldrum
Smart-Phone Dreaming

A quick sketch in the summer heat using my Hero 86 and Koi watercolour set.

Practicing with my Hero

Here are a few sketches I did in the last few days with my new Hero calligraphy pen. The first two sketches are from a book called, “Anatomy for the Artist“. The other sketch with watercolour was from the wonderful street photographer, Vivian Maier‘s website. 
No preparation penciling was used for these drawings, I’m trying to push myself to be free with ink and watercolour, trying to lose the fear of making mistakes.

Pen and ink sketch of sitting male by David MeldrumPen and ink sketch of male torso by David Meldrum


No pencil was used for this watercolour sketch, time was short so I drew it with ink and at speed in a standing position. The lines are shaky and scratchy which I quite like, I find that the faster I sketch the better the result, I learned this with my life drawing, a two minute sketch being more free and alive than a 15 minute sketch. No time to think and using ones instinct isn’t a bad thing sometimes.

A watercolour sketch of Solvalla Stables by David Meldrum
Solvalla Stables, Stockholm.

Forgotten watercolour sketches

I forgot about these watercolour sketches I did while on holidays in Brittany last month. There is something about boats that I am drawn too, I grew up by the sea and have sailed since the age of ten so it is not so strange I guess.

A watercolour sketch of an old trawler by David Meldrum
Trawler watercolour sketch
A watercolour sketch of a green old trawler by David Meldrum
Green Trawler  watercolour sketch