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Playing with lights and darks


I have painted this Groomsport scene before in one of my sketchbooks. Today I felt like playing around with lights and darks so I chose this to basically practice or play, I can’t remember my mood when I started. It’s a weird time with this Corona virus threatening us all. The most important thing for me was just to paint something. I didn’t want to just spend Monday reading the news and surfing on YouTube.

For the watercolour enthusiasts out there this watercolour was painted on Saunders Waterford 300g Fine grain and the size is 36 x 26 cm. Click the image below if you want to see the full sized watercolour.

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Another watercolour of Donaghadee

Donaghadee Sunset

I visit Northern Ireland twice a year usually, my family live there in Bangor not far from Belfast. I grew up in the South so I have no connection except my family. I enjoy taking the coast road from Bangor through Groomsport and ending up in Donaghadee, a lovely harbour which used to be the main port for the voyage to Scotland many years ago. Map:

This watercolour is 26 x 36 cm and is titled, Donaghadee Sunset.
Click the thumbnail below for a full sized image.

Donaghadee Sunset
Donaghadee Sunset

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A watercolour for a friend

To Åland

I have a friend who loves to sail. I gave her this watercolour birthday card, it is a memory of her sailing much faster than I to Åland last year.

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Portrait practice

Quick portraits
As far as a good likeness is concerned, I failed.
Maybe I captured her spirit instead, I guess I’ll never know.

I had to had forgotten my watercolours at home but luckily a friend had a spare set. They were very bright colours, Russian I believe. It was fun, I was out of my comfort zone.

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Watercolour portraits

One of my many New Year Resolutions was to improve my figures in my watercolour paintings. We all basically always look at the head first and so it’s not very good if the face feels amateurish. This is why I am going to portrait classes every Tuesday now, I wan’t to improve and I don’t want my paintings to look amateurish!!!!!!! 🙂

These watercolours are about A5 in size.

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I didn’t make the deadline with this one

I needed to send 5 watercolours to the Water Colour Society of Ireland by the end of January and I did. I am now waiting to see if I will be accepted into the society or not. I wanted to paint a bunch of Irish scenes for the application but I have been frustratingly ill the whole winter. I finished this watercolour of a Galway Hooker this morning. It’s a few days past the deadline and I am okay with that, it has been great just to get painting again so that’s good enough for me. I did a preliminary sketch of this Hooker in an earlier post if you would like to see that.

This painting is for sale. If you are intersested please visit my original art shop.

Galway Hooker 36 x 26 cm
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Portraits of a female model

One of the schools I attend to sketch life drawing has started a class where one can paint portraits of a model live. There are 3 poses each evening and the length is 35 minutes which is perfect for my rather short attention span. I really want to improve when it comes to doing portraits so I’m really happy this class has started.
Here is a link to the class. (In Swedish) The watercolours are about A5 in size.

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A sketch of a Hooker in Ballycastle

A Hooker, I just love the name of these old working boats. This sketch of is of a Galway Hooker off the coast of Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. I’m working on a final painting in the studio today. At the moment the sketch seems to be better than the final watercolour which is kind of annoying.

Hooker in Ballycastle
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Watercolour sketch of Donaghadee

I have been wanting to paint Irish scenes for a while. It takes several sketches to get the feeling for a country one visits. This could be Spain, Ireland or even India which I will be visiting in March. I’m looking forward to that. You would think I would feel at home in Ireland as I was born there, but the fact is I moved away 35 years ago. I’m almost a stranger these days. It would be so nice to spend some time getting to know the island again, travelling around and painting, yeah, I’d like that.

Donaghadee harbour