More figure drawing

It was the same model as last week, she has a very strange shape and not in the slightest bit feminine but an artistic challenge that I was only too happy to tackle. I’m starting to relax a little now when I’m sketching and I think it’s starting to show, well…
…at least I feel I’m improving!

Week four of my figure drawing evenings

Week three at the figure drawing evening

This is the same woman as last the week before.

Blue lady

My blue period, which lasted about 5 minutes

Lazy nude

The drawing sessions are never longer than ten minutes, this one was a two minute one…

The second evening at the French Church

A five minute sketch from my first figure drawing evening

Meldrum buys a flatbed scanner…

I promised to get myself a scanner so that I can upload some of my sketches onto the blog. I bought one on for 300 sek, ( 20 Sterling ) the other week, a pretty good price I thought.

The above nude drawing was my first since art school back in 1982. I started figure drawing here in Stockholm at the French Church four weeks ago. I’m really enjoying sketching again, I’m very stiff and it going to take me a while to loosen up my drawing. I need to get my eye in but hey, it’s a start!