A slow day at work…

Let’s face it, we all have bad days at work. This was the result of one of mine. Thankfully I enjoy my job 99% of the time.

A web exhibition for the The Swedish Museum of Architecture I produced.

I created this exhibition site featuring the City public library of Stockholm back in 2007. I was employed at the museum of architecture then. The site shows original sketches and photos of the city public library by architect Gunner Asplund.

A microsite I created recently.

I work for a Swedish company called Kanal 75, they are a sister company to ATG. ATG is a state company and at it controls all horse betting in Sweden. I’m employed as a web designer.

Don’t give up the day job…

I’m a web designer by day, this banner is something I published yesterday. I’ll publish more examples of my daily work soon.

Wide-angle sketch

Very interesting body, like I said.

Week five doing figure drawing every Tuesday evening.

This model had a very interest body shape!