A model with a more normal form!

This week the model was young and a lot more feminine than the previous nude model. Funny, but it was much harder to draw her, a leg or an arm that was too thick or fat was so noticeably wrong. I don’t know if I’m getting any better, but I feel I draw with more confidence, I just wish my technique was better. I plan to scan some of my cartoons, I’m developing a group of characters that hopefully will see the light of day soon.

Banners I produce every day.

This banner is rather typical of what I do each day. It’s the bread and butter stuff that pays the bills and keeps the big furry rabbits away from my door!

A photo gallery of the Swedish elitloppet that I created at the weekend for ATG.se

I’m not writing very much on my blog, oh dear. I’m one of those visual types I guess. I like to write, honest but it seems I never have time to get my thoughts down on this little bloggy. The above site was created in Flash using AS3 script. Ok, gotta run…

A five minute sketch

Another from the same evening

More figure drawing

It was the same model as last week, she has a very strange shape and not in the slightest bit feminine but an artistic challenge that I was only too happy to tackle. I’m starting to relax a little now when I’m sketching and I think it’s starting to show, well…
…at least I feel I’m improving!

A slow day at work…

Let’s face it, we all have bad days at work. This was the result of one of mine. Thankfully I enjoy my job 99% of the time.