First life drawing for while

nude by David Meldrum
nude by David Meldrum

It feels like it was years ago since I last went to life drawing. There has been so much going on in my life that I haven’t had time – but now I do, this week at least. This is my relax week, I’m just painting and drawing what I want. No pressure, just fun.

I liked this model, she is new to the scene here in Stockholm, I think it was her second time modelling, not 100% sure about that, her name is Erika. A new model is always welcome, one gets too used to the regulars which is dangerous because there is a tendency to stop looking at the model and draw what we think we see. Does that make sense?

Sketched on Canson Croquis A3 paper, 90g. I used 9b, 6b, and 2b lead in mechanical pencils. Actually I will include a picture of my pencils.


By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.


  1. Excellent crocs, drawings made by a true master.
    I envy you, sir, for your mindlessness and spirits
    Beware, there is some tendency of falling into the caricature by introducing parasitic details! (Long comic genes from drawing 5)

    Personally, I appreciate drawing no. 3

    1. That is fair critique, Victor. I do tend to draw details like eyes in a comic book style, it is my past that surfaces when I am struggling with the pressure of a ticking clock. It is a long and difficult task to forget one’s bad habits.

      1. Nothing bad for me, maybe a long ago since last life drawing but a pleasure for the eyes. The sense of movement in some of them is fantastic, the smudging incredible and life without details can be really sad. All I can say is goooood work boy.

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