Watercolour by David Meldrum
Watercolour by David Meldrum

The working life of David Meldrum

A short résumé

I earn my living as a Web Designer for Kanal 75. My typical working day is spent creating websites, blogs and banners promoting the sport of Trotting and thoroughbred racing. I have worked at Kanal 75 since May, 2007.

Between 2000 and 2007 I ran my own web design company. I had clients such as The Swedish National Museum, The Technical Museum and The Architectural Museum of Sweden. I also produced websites for photographers, accountants and several architectural firms during that time.

I was born and educated in Ireland. My early career after leaving Art College was Art Direction in advertising, I worked for top agencies in Dublin (1984-85), London (1985- 1990) and Stockholm (1990-2000).

If you would like to see my full curriculum vitae, please contact me and I will be only to happy to send it to you.

My TV commercials from the 90's

I Art Directed sixty comercials during the 1990's and I as often as not wrote the script.