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Normally, for the last few weeks at any rate, I have been alone sketching each day at the Central Station here in Stockholm. Last Sunday was a different story though, because seven other urban-sketchers joined me for an afternoon of sketching at the station. We are all members of a group called “Skissa i Stockholm” which translated means – Sketching in Stockholm. Anyway, fun that so many turned up. It was a lovely afternoon. The coffee break taking up a large chunk of the available time, but that’s normal. We artists love to talk about our pencils! If anyone in Stockholm would like to join our group, please do let me know, “the more the merrier”, as they say.

Albert & Jack's by David Meldrum
Albert & Jack’s, Central Station, Stockholm

By meldrum

My name is David Meldrum. I am an Artist who loves watercolour.

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The result of this meeting it´s extremely good, for me seems to be very dificult sketching the movement of this kind of scenes.Congratulations, good job.

I was in Stockholm last year in September on vacation and loved every second of it. It took us nearly a half hour to find our way OUT of the Central Station – it's so huge. A person could spend a lifetime sketching in there! What a wonderful and dynamic subject. Plus there are many good places to take breaks, selling delicious things to eat as well as that *amazing* Swedish kaffe! :0)

Thank you SLB,
Yes, I really enjoy it at the station. So many people on the move and the others are sitting still, invisible to those who rush by. The light is different, I like it though, feels like I’m in an Edward Hopper painting.

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