Weekend sketch

We are not having the best of summers here in Sweden this year. Last week was great though and I took full advantage of it at the weekend. I set up a hammock by the water’s edge and lay there looking at all the boats going by. I live quite close to the city centre so the traffic on the water is intense at this time of year. I later did this watercolour in my sketchbook, I’m happy with it although I wish I had access to better watercolour sketchbooks than Moleskin, I like Arches Rough and so I always find it disappointing when I use the Moleskin. Still, it’s a sketchbook and it will do fine until it’s finished, I will use small Arches blocks in future. If anyone knows of good watercolour sketchbook, please let me know.

Sketchbook painting of Waldermarsudde, Stockholm.


First wash

Vacation painting

I had planned to paint more but we travelled over 1000 kilometres in 5 days between Bergen and Trondheim, Norway. It was a wonderful holiday, such a beautiful country. Next trip, I will travel every second day only so that I have more time to paint.

The Three Amigos

This is a must see video if you enjoy the work of any of these watercolouring greats, Joseph Zbukvic, Herman Pekel and Alvaro Castagnet. I owe at lot of what I’ve learned to these artists and their wonderful DVDs.

Last watercolour for this year

My last watercolour for 2013. It’s been an interesting year. I’m excited about 2014 as I’ve promised myself to really start painting watercolours seriously.

Watercolour nude by David Meldrum 20131229
Watercolour nude by David Meldrum 20131229

Life without a pencil

This is a great Christmas present! It seems I do not need to outline anymore. This is the second watercolour I have created without any initial pencil marks. I am happy enough with the result and I look forward now to 2014 and developing this new found skill. ūüôā

Nude with no outlines by David Meldrum
Nude with no outlines. Saunders Waterford HP paper – 31 x 23 cm

The Naked Truth

Do I need to use a pencil initially when painting a watercolour nude? I didn’t here and I like the result, I just started painting the nude directly onto paper. I will continue down this path and see what develops. Merry Christmas!

Pencil free nude by David Meldrum
Pencil free nude. Saunders Waterford HP  paper – 31 x 23 cm

People at work – by Joseph Zbukvic

Joseph Zbukvic has a new video produced by APV Films. Joseph is one of a small group of watercolour artists that I draw inspiration and knowledge from, this new video is a treat for me!


Joseph Zbukvic – Video Gallery

This is the best gallery of Joseph’s work that I’ve seen on the internet.

Introducing The Naked Hand

I try and do a sketch or a painting during my lunch break at work as often as possible. I really would like to practice my figure painting but having pictures of naked people on my computer screen is a bit of a sensitive issue to say the least. So, I have found the solution – hands! Yes, naked hands! Nude hands! It’s genius, I can practice my watercolour skin tones and hand drawing at the same time. Only I see the naked truth.

The Naked Hand watercolour by David Meldrum
The Naked Hand (24x32cm, Canson 200 g/m2)