Urban Sketching in The Suburbs

Yesterday was the 43rd World SketchCrawl. A sunny day was had in the suburbs of Stockholm with fellow urban sketcher, Nina. Skärholmen central square. We had a lot of fun even if we had a very persistent drunk yapping profanities into ours ears for what seem like several hours.

Sketch by David Meldrum
SketchCrawl #43 , Skärholmen, Stockholm

Sketch by David Meldrum
SketchCrawl #43 , Skärholmen, Stockholm

World SketchCrawl day today

It was World SketchCrawl Day today and I met up with Nina Johansson to sketch at The City Museum (Stadsmuseet). The watercolour below was sketched from a third-floor window overlooking “Slussen” in Central Stockholm. It was a beautiful autumn day but too cold for us to be outside sketching.

Watercolour sketch by David Meldrum
Slussen 2013.10.19

37th Sketch Crawl

I was the lone Stockholm Sketcher this time around, I had a fun day relaxing in the cool autumn air and managed to produce three sketches. Drottningsgatan, Fjärilshuset and Kulturhuset.


SketchCrawl 35

I had a great time on my first SketchCrawl today, the weather was a bit on the cold side so we headed for the warmth of a café after an hour freezing in a park at Medborgplatsen, Stockholm. It was real nice to meet some new nice people who share a common interest. Click the picture below to see my other sketch and fellow sketchers. Click here to see the the Stockholm results.

My first SketchCrawl

I’m not getting much time to sketch this week, too much work but I have to pay the bills. On Saturday I go to my first SketchCrawl here in Stockholm, I cannot remember ever doing any urban sketching before so I’m really looking forward having a go. My wish is to try sketching in an impressionistic style, like Henry Arifin, Alvaro Castagnet or Joseph Zbukvic and I am most likely just going to make a expressionistic mess; but hey, I’ll have fun doing it. There is the added bonus of getting the chance to meet some new and interesting people who have similar interests.