Direk Kingnok interview

Direk Kingnok is a watercolour artist I admire very much, I recently found this interview on a blog called, The Royal Arts: http://theroyalarts.blogspot.se/2011/12/direk-kingnok.html#!/2011/12/direk-kingnok.html

Direk Kingnok’s website: http://www.direkkingnok.com/

His Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Direk-Kingnok-Watercolor-artist/157671970976244

Watercolour by Direk Kingnok

Water color by Direk Kingnok

Shop on the street by Direk Kingnok. His style is similar to Alvaro Castagnet I think. I had no time myself to do any water colouring this week, I am busy at work so it might be a while before I have some free time on my hands.

Water colour by Direk kingnok

Oh, I like this artist’s technique too! I’ll have to check out more of his work later, he seems to be very good.